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2024 Agenda is out!!!

HTMA-SC 2024 Symposium Agenda



All corporate memberships now renew May 1st. If you attend the annual symposium a corporate membership is included in the $990 fee. If you are unable to attend the symposium but would still like to be a corporate member and support our organization, the cost is $500 annually.

Please contact Shawn Lease or Kaylee McCaffrey to sign up for corporate membership only.

Now is the Time to Be a Member

If you're an HTMA professional and you're not a member of HTMA-SC, you should be. You can be a member no matter where you live, it's free for non-corporate members, and it comes with some serious perks.

For any of our non-corporate members, you get the following:

You can come to our annual conference for $0.00. Not kidding. It's actually free. And we even feed you good food, put you in for lots of fun door prizes, and educate you on the cutting-edge topics.

Also, you can visit our Members-Only Downloads section and view the average purchase price of over 1700 medical devices. Or check out our large collection of lessons to enhance your career ranging from certification and cybersecurity to equipment-specific lessons. Do yourself a favor and join today.

Protect Your Medical Equipment From Malicious Network Traffic

Today is the day to be an advocate for your medical equipment's risk on the network due to malicious traffic. Overseas malcontents are dedicated to bringing down our critical infrastructure while basement-dwelling nerds craft autonomous malware that simply destroys what it touches. And now medical devices are either the targets or the innocent bystanders to the war raging silently over our networks.

The ECRI has written that hackers are the #1 risk to patients in 2019. Are you doing anything about it?

If not, check out some educational material recently released in our downloads section. And check out some companyies that can help you secure your networked medical devices. Companies like Zingbox, CloudPost, and Asimily are ready to help. You can also check out or cybersecurity center for some basic information or ask questions in our medical device cybersecurity forum.

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