Healthcare Technology Management Association of SC

Formerly - South Carolina Biomedical Association

Healthcare Technology Management 
Association of South Carolina

Categories (Levels)

(See "Online Application" page for more detailed descriptions of Membership Levels.)


••  Individual Members - Includes Clinical Engineers, Biomedical Technicians, Radiology Equipment Technicians, and other employed in the repair of medical instrumentation.  This also includes sales personnel.  Individual Membership is FREE.

••  Student Members - Student members are to be full- or part-time students with interests in medical instrumentation. Student Membership is FREE.

•• Corporate - Those companies or business organizations which manufacture, sell, service, or otherwise support medical instrumentation. Corporate members shall have no vote. 1 year membership. 

•• Honorary Members – Those individuals designated by the board for outstanding lifetime service.  Honorary members shall pay no annual dues.

Here are some of the benefits of being a member of the Association:

  • Networking - Know the Biomeds in your area.
  • Newsletter - Receive regular announcements of happenings in the area and nationwide.
  • List of Members - Though not for marketing purposes, as a member, you will have access to the membership list and contact information for the members.
  • Discounts - Receive discounted tuition for educational programs, seminars and symposiums.  Receive discounts from our vendor members on products and services.
  • Advertise job openings that your employer has.
  • Information - Receive the latest information on codes, standards and practices from within the state, or nationwide.
  • Scholarships and awards - As the HTMA-SC grows, there will be various awards and scholarships offered to deserving individuals.
  • Linkage to national organizations - The HTMA-SC is in frequent contact with AAMI (, META (
  • Socializing - Get to know the other professionals in the area to discuss issues, problems and challenges.
  • Professional skill advancement - Receive training  locally instead of traveling to remote parts of the country.  More training to more Biomeds is possible with a strong local organization.
  • Visibility with vendors - Get to know the representatives in your area in a relaxed setting, before a problem arises that needs solving.
  • Develop your own skills - By participating in the leadership of the HTMA-SC, you get the chance to enhance your leadership and presentation skills.
  • Corporate members - Get early registration to the annual meeting, easy contact look-up for customers on website, and rotating featured corporate vendor advertisement on front website page. EMAIL BLASTS: Once every year that you are a corporate member, your company is allowed to send out an email blast to all HTMA-SC members.  This email blast is crafted by you and sent out by us.  It can contain virtually anything you desire - from a new product announcement, to a special offering, to an upcoming training class.  Reach all of our 800 plus members for free when you are an HTMA-SC member. 

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